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2013 in review - See what we have accomplished!

How to help CART:

            Donations and Assistance

            Become a Team Member

What is Tri State CART?  Find out our mission and vision and meet our founding members as well as our current leadership.

CART Mobile Response Vehicle

CART Photos

CART Exotics Team

How to be prepared

                 Tips for putting together your disaster plan

                 Tips for volunteers - what you need for deployment

            Disaster Overview - Our disaster preparation and response explained 
                    Prior to a disaster
                    When disaster strikes
                    On-going operations during the disaster
                    When the disaster is completed

          Jobs to be done by CART Volunteers - A listing and explanations of the many 
            jobs/tasks that need to be done before, during and after a disaster.

            Team Leadership Job descriptions
                    Overview/diagram of a team
                    Team captain
                    Team lieutenant
                    Animal sheltering and care unit leader
                    Animal rescue task force leader
                    Human resources unit leader
                    Logistics unit leader
                    Public information officer (PIO)

            2012 Year in review- see how far we've come!

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